Instructions for painting

Information for the artists Tips and tricks for designing for resin figures:

The blank plastic consists of glass fiber reinforced plastic.
The figure is delivered pre-primed in grey and white.

In order to treat the figure correctly it should be proceeded as follows:

The pre-primed surface area of the blank plastic should be well abraded so that the colour will be retained permanently and on the entire surface without any difficulty.

Use therefore fine abrasive paper and abrade the surface areas. Please take attention to eliminate any existing small bubbles, loose colour coats and above all any kinds of dirt or pollution as dust or grease sports because they affect the adhesion.

Afterwards you can start painting. As soon as you have finished with the artistic design you need to let the colours dry well.
Then the lacquering will be applied. In a first step, the lacquer should be adjusted to the employed colour (same manufacturer) to avoid any complications.

Let the lacquer well harden after the first lacquering and repeat the lacquering procedure twice in an interval of 8 to 12 hours. Only thereby the figure obtains its full brilliance and a very good protection against contamination and effects of the weather.


the colours, lacquers and undercoat should be without solvents.
Light-resistant acrylic colours from a high quality paint shop are most suitable. In many other projects especially the colours of the company Lascaux proved to be of value; they are very bright and emphasize the design in an optimal manner.

Besides they have a very high ultraviolet resistance and resistance to weathering. For painting the entire figure you may require approx. 1.5 - 2.0 liter of colour; for the lacquering approx. 1.5 liter of lacquer may be needed.

We wish you a lot of creative ideas, much find and good results

Your Europa-Figuren-Team
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