Ideas for painting

Painting as per customer request

Our TEAM gladly accepts the customer requests for painting a figure and elaborates a template with ... M.A.

The painters
We request quotations for the realization (painting) from several painters and artists. We differentiate between representational painting and ornamental painted figures.

When choosing representational painting the painter follows strictly the elaborated template. The customer can be sure to receive exactly the type of painting that has been planned beforehand with him and the GFK team (template).

Ornamental painted figures

The customer explains the painter personally how it should look like. The artist implements the requirements of the customer and employs his creativity. The GFK team merely supports the customer in finding an economic artist for the idea of the customer.

Painting of advertising logos

Logo labelling of automobiles the perfect advertising for companies Our experience shows that when sticking a logo (labelling of automobiles) on a figure that has not been painted, attention should be paid to determine an open area of the logo (area that has not been painted). The GFK team helps to determine together with the painter the exact location of this area. The advantages of a printed logo? It is especially suitable for texts.
For emblems without any lettering it is better having them painted.

Special lacquering (refinement)
The customer has the possibility to have his figure being refined (car lacquering). The GFK team would be pleased to elaborate on the advantages and diisadvantages!
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